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Carowinds Tickets

Ready to RIDE into summer? As a GKCU member you can get discounted tickets to Carowinds with a Ticket to Family Fun!

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2017 Annual Report

Click on image below to access the 2017 Annual Report. GKCU had a tremendous year welcoming over 2400 new members with more members turning to us for more products and services. We also reached the milestone of over $100million in assets. Thanks to everyone who attended our annual meeting on Feb. 26 and we look forward to another great year ahead. Remember if you're friends and family aren't members -- tell them they can be!

2017 Annual Report


CU Save School Dates

DATES for CU SAVE Clubs at area elementary schools:

Kensington Elementary  --- First Tuesday of month ---- 7:45am
McDonald Elementary ---- First Friday of month ---- 7:45am
Maryville Elementary ----- Second Tuesday of month ---- 8:30am
Sampit Elementary ---- Second Friday of month ---- 7:45am
Trinity Christian Academy -----Third Tuesday of month ----8am
Andrews Elementary ---- Third Wednesday of month ---- 8am
Plantersville Elementary ----Third Thursday of month -----8:30am
Pleasant Hill Elementary ---- Third Friday of month ---- 8am
Rosemary Middle -------- Last Thursday of month ----- during lunches
Browns Ferry Elementary ---- Last Friday of month ---- 8am

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