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Holiday Closing

GKCU will be closed on Monday, May 28 in observance of the Memorial Day holiday. If you need access to your account, sign up for our FREE online or mobile app services. We hope you have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

New Credit Cards

GKCU is pleased to announce a new VISA Credit Card can now be activated. To activate your card you can call 1-855-445-1214. Your old cards are not longer active and should be destroyed. With the new card several new features will be available with your new card (including a new look!). (New debit cards will also be issued as the old cards expire.)

* UChoose Rewards: GKCU Credit Cards can now earn you points to be used towards rewards like retail gift cards. With every dollar you spend, you'll earn one point that can be accrued and used for great gifts later on. Simply sign up for UChoose Rewards from the instructions that will come with your card.

*Card Valet: Card Valet allows cardholders more control with the credit cards including turning on and off spending and spending within a certain GPS area zone. For more information see insert with your new card or more details will be available on our website in the coming weeks.

*VISA Account Updater: With Account Updater, anytime you receive a new card, that card number will automatically be updated with vendors that have that your old card number (i.e. for auto drafts, etc.). So no need to go in an change all those drafts when you get a new card! To opt out of this service, call our Operations Department.

GKCU Member Newsletter May 2018

Click here for your member news, promotions, events and specials. Want to get these newsletters sent to you directly? Email newing@gkcu.org to have your email address added to our e-newsletter service.

Amusement Park Tickets

Ready to RIDE into summer? As a GKCU member you can get discounted tickets to Carowinds & Six Flags with a Ticket to Family Fun!

For more information click on the image below:


CU Save School Dates

DATES for CU SAVE Clubs at area elementary schools:

Kensington Elementary  --- First Tuesday of month ---- 7:45am
McDonald Elementary ---- First Friday of month ---- 7:45am
Maryville Elementary ----- Second Tuesday of month ---- 8:30am
Sampit Elementary ---- Second Friday of month ---- 7:45am
Trinity Christian Academy -----Third Tuesday of month ----8am
Andrews Elementary ---- Third Wednesday of month ---- 8am
Plantersville Elementary ----Third Thursday of month -----8:30am
Pleasant Hill Elementary ---- Third Friday of month ---- 8am
Rosemary Middle -------- Last Thursday of month ----- during lunches
Browns Ferry Elementary ---- Last Friday of month ---- 8am

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