Savings (Share) Accounts


GKCU Savings Accounts

Being a part of GKCU means you’re not only an accountholder, you are also an owner. As a financial cooperative, all GKCU members (in good standing) have an equal ownership; this ownership is represented by your Savings, or Share, Account. When you open your savings / share account at GKCU, this affords you access to all the other products and services available to you as a member. We only require a minimum balance of $25 to be an active member, but we hope you will find this savings account a way to add to your financial peace of mind too.

We have a variety of savings options including Club Accounts and long-term saving plans too. All are easy to add to with direct deposit or automatic transfers and all are federally insured up to $250,000 per account by the NCUA. Savings accounts can be opened at any age (under 15 requires an adult joint owner). Statements are mailed to you ($1/statement) or you can sign up for free E-Statements sent directly to your email address. To enroll, simply ask when you open your account or sign up online.

Second Memberships

Even though your ownership is represented with your primary savings/share account, we understand there may be occasions when you need another savings account. After your initial savings is established, you can open a second membership for saving. Just ask when you are at any GKCU branch.

Joint Owners

At any time, you may add a joint owner to your account. This gives the person access to your account and an option for rights of survivorship on your account. However, the person is not entitled to membership benefits themselves. We encourage you to tell your family and friends to join as their own member too so that they, like you, will enjoy all the benefits of being a part of the credit union family. Joint owners must be present to add to account.